Become a first responder.

Live a life of impact.


Our Aim:

To build a more just, innovative, and united society by inspiring and empowering young people from diverse backgrounds to serve their communities and nation as first responders and become agents of social change.


1. Inspire

Encourage a new generation of college-aged leaders to pursue public service careers as first responders and support their professional and personal development.

2. build

Develop a national network of engaged leaders who are empowered to work across divides and deliver innovative solutions to their communities’ most pressing issues.

3. deliver

Ensure cities and their first responder agencies can count on having a sustainable pipeline of top-tier, locally rooted, and civically minded talent ready to serve the community.


"By recruiting, supporting, and engaging with first responders, we aim to develop dynamic, inclusive approaches to social change that will go on to benefit communities across the country."




Our Program

Recruit Promising Leaders

We identify and recruit promising leaders from diverse backgrounds who have demonstrated the grit, compassion, and entrepreneurial spirit that are critical to our movement’s success. After a rigorous screening and selection process, we support these future corps members throughout the civil service hiring process. We offer these individuals educational subsidies in exchange for a commitment to serve with a local law enforcement or first responder organization.

Develop Their Leadership Skills

Corps members participate in an immersive leadership and social justice learning experience prior to heading to the police or fire academy. Following graduation from the academy, corps members participate in a two-year fellowship during which they work with mentors from their profession and the community and acquire cutting-edge leadership and professional skills. Monthly workshops on professional and personal development topics, plus a capstone project, accelerate corps member's growth.

Prepare them for lives of impact

As their careers take shape, we help alumni connect with each other and with high-impact opportunities to continue to grow and learn in pursuit of collective impact. Informed and inspired by their work as first responders, many alumni may choose to continue working for police, fire, and emergency medicine departments beyond their initial commitment. Others may shape the context and conditions that impact communities as policy makers, advocates, social entrepreneurs, business executives, philanthropists, or civic leaders.

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